Dino doodoo takes a dive

Dino themed multiplayer survival game The Stomping Land is the latest Early Access title to face trouble, as the game has officially been dropped from the Steam Store for purchase. This comes sometime after the developers, SuperCrit,all-but disappeared from the Internet without a word.

In June this year, SuperCrit apologised for the long delay in communications and updates to their promising but certainly incomplete game. They said then that they’re “ready to stomp” after a bout of personal issues. Many players accepted the apology and strapped on their optimism hats, but after more months of no shows, Valve has decided to step in and make the game no longer available for purchase (it’s still listed though) in an effort to protect any further damage to both customers’ wallets and the developer’s reputation.

This is the third time that Valve has taken action against non performing Early Access titles, the other two of which were The War Z and Earth: Year 2066.

The Stomping Land was originally successfully Kickstarted in which they pulled in $114K nearly five times their goal of just $20,000 more than a year ago in June 2013. The game has since been host to a slew of bugs, hacks and roughly implemented features, and sadly it seems like it might never be more than that.

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