Dreadnought PC Game

Ship combat games often place players in dogfights with small spacecrafts. Yager is taking a different approach with free to play Dreadnought, as players load into capital class star cruisers for deathmatch style encounters above planets. Even the speedy ships with a focus on mobility are huge, with the titular craft being the biggest and most capable of absorbing extreme punishment.

Ships come in classic archetypes, from the slow, tank-like Dreadnought to support craft and “sniper” ships giant artillery cannons that can dish out incredible damage from great distances. Each ship can be outfitted with a loadout similar to the systems in place for most shooters, but here the options are tied to the ship “class.” Support ships have healing capabilities that will keep your Dreadnoughts alive through even the most focused of fire, the artillery ship has cloaking options and countermeasures to handle incoming projectiles, and dreadnoughts simply plod along dealing
out death with a variety of salvos and lasers.

There are three different manufacturers of each ship archetype in the game that ensure you’re getting the craft that’s the right core for you, in addition to four-ability custom loadouts and account-level ship crews that add specific bonuses like lowering weapon cooldowns and enhancing shields.

In addition to 5v5 team deathmatch style gameplay and team elimination (no respawn) modes, Dreadnought will feature episodic single-player story content with writing by author Dan Abnett of Warhammer 40,000 book fame.

With single synchronous sessions titles and their fast matches and tight reward loops becoming more popular than ever on the PC scene, Yager may be crafting a compelling competitor in Dreadnought. The closed beta is expected to begin early next year.

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