Dying Light Night of the flying dead

For the casual fan of zombie games, keeping Dying Light and the Dead Island series straight can be confusing. Techland created the Dead Island franchise, but Spec Ops: The Line studio Jager is handling Dead Island 2. That sequel is still a first-person game all about teaming up with friends to hack away at zombies in an exotic environment. Dying Light shares those same elements, but distinguishes itself dramatically with fluid parkour mobility and a dynamic day/night cycle. Nowhere are those unique features better demonstrated than in Dying Light’s Be A Zombie mode.

This exclusive pre-order mode allows sadistic players to invade friends’ and strangers’ games to terrorize them during the night as a highly mobile zombie (cowardly players can disable this altogether).

A high-speed, asymmetrical battle begins once one of these Night Hunters enters the fray. Up to four co-op partners must put all their marksmanship, melee skills, and parkour abilities to the test in order to survive. The survivors’ goal is to destroy three undead hives before the Night Hunter snuffs out their pool of lives.

The deadly Night Hunter evens the odds with apex predator-like speed and agility. Imagine Left 4 Dead’s Hunter on steroids. This spry undead beast flies above the rooftops using sticky tentacles that shoot from its hands to swing around like Spider-Man.

Players can change direction mid-flight for accurate tentacle-slinging. The Night Hunter can even use the tentacle to pull itself toward unsuspecting survivors and pounce them for a potential kill. These strike-and-fade tactics force the survivors to stick together or risk being picked off one-by-one.

Players who love stalking others as the Night Hunter can even invest in a zombiespecific upgrade path. Expertly slaying the opposition allows you to increase your speed, coax A.I. zombies into helping you, and disable some opponents’ abilities. Unfortunately, none of the progression from Be A Zombie feeds back into Dying Light’s campaign, meaning this mode is only for those lusting after the thrill of the kill. Be A Zombie is another enticing mode that continues the trend of asymmetrical multiplayer match types, like Evolve and Splinter Cell’s Spies vs. Mercenaries. We’re thrilled to see more developers abandoning worn team deathmatch structures in favor of something with more personality. »

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