EA and Maxis utilise clever anti piracy method for The Sims 4

Piracy on the PC isn't going to go away. This means that developers and publishers have begun implementing clever ways of nailing pirates who download and install illegal copies of their games.

Electronic Arts and Maxis have now become the latest companies to include some unusual methods of combating piracy. In The Sims franchise, whenever a Sim goes to the toilet or takes its clothes off, nudity is blurred out by a little square of pixels. Once the Sim has its kits back on, the censor pixels disappear. What EA’s Sims 4 copy protection does is ensure that those pixels never actually disappear, and in fact they grow increasingly larger until the entire game world is blocked out.

This led toa bunch of people taking to the game’s official forums to complain about a “censor bug”. Of course in doing so they outed themselves as pirates. Awkward. EA said that they have no intention of assisting those who are reporting this “bug” and they suggest people go out to buy a legitimate copy instead.

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