Falling Skies

In the aftermath of an alien attack, humanity stands incapacitated, save for but a few straggling survivors who have banded together on the outskirts of major cities, hoping to reclaim their planet. Children between the ages of eight and eighteen have been turned against their own through the use of a biochemical harness that kills its host when forcibly removed.

A resistance faction known as the 2nd Massachusetts (2nd Mass for short) stand against the aliens, led by Boston-born history professor Tom Mason whose son was rescued from the mind control harness. With no idea what the alien objective is and with most of the world’s population decimated, there seems to be no hope against the intelligent, tactical killing machines and now 2nd Mass fights outmatched, outnumbered and out-gunned.

Following on from the TNT series of the same name, Falling Skies introduces players to the ongoing battle for mankind’s survival against the Espheni invaders in a new storyline that will see players search for components that could very well save humanity.

Combining strategy and RPG, players will customize their squad, member’s skills, weapons and equipment and use their upgraded abilities in strategy combat.

Additional units can be obtained as human survivors are rescued and recruited when encountered.Computer generated side quests are to continuously add missions while the non-linear campaign will allow players to take a variety of approaches to reach the mission objectives and achieve victory.

Falling Skies will be available for purchase on disc for the PS3 and Xbox 360 while a downloadable version will be available on Steam and on the Wii U.

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