There are no sweeter words to a gamer than “that’s the first time I’ve seen that happen before”, yet our Ubi rep uttered it no less than three times during our triple mission stint in Nepal as we showed him how to play Far Cry 4. Now before you tell us to get our hand off it and ease up on the big noting hubris we should clarify. Only two such utterances were praising our pure unadulterated awesomeness. The first was shocked surprise and what followed was a string of some more inventive curses which will soon be available to you via Urban Dictionary. Tasked with clearing out an outpost we were presented with three options, to go in quiet, go in loud or take to the skies (see DA CHOPPPPPAAAAAAA!).

As delightfully addictive it is to massacre reinforcements, they tend to be rather tough bastiches so we played it safe and opted for silent but deadly. It didn’t last long. A few strategic crossbow bolts to the face and a head popping sniper shot was a solid start, but an attempt to disarm an alarm led to the cavalry being called in.

With C4 flowing our A+ for aggressive stealth seemed assured until some pissy guard took offence, manned a mortar, predicted our route at full sprint and blew us to kingdom come. First time I’ve seen that happen part one.

After venting frustration by taking a more direct approach, namely riding an elephant through the gates, stomping everything in sight and dropping more bodies than The Expendables, it was time to get our sneaky bastard on. That mortar just didn’t sit right with us. After thinning the ranks we turned to the last gasp of resistance, a chopper and gunner with a serious hard-on for us. A liberal spray
from a mounted turret grabbed its attention before some precision sniping put it and the pilot down for good. First time I’ve seen that happen part two.

After wingsuiting through the Himalayas and discovering a mountain peak bounty, it was time to deliver the coup de graces to a warlord a little too big for his own britches. Freeing a caged bear caused a wonderful ruckus with the remaining forces ‘quivering’ from our crossbolt assault. With our target in sight, protected by a handful of bodyguards, a kukri blade to the chest was the only possible outcome we’d accept. Why settle for less, right?

A grenade toss eliminated half of his remaining troops as our prey and his final two henchmen crowded together. Welcome to takedown city. Population? You. With three kukri thrusts we daisy chained our way through the cannon fodder and finished him off with a flourish. First time I’ve seen that finale happen.

With a host of new items, including grappling hooks and the crossbow, a gloriously rendered world, oxygen thinning verticality, increased vehicular manslaughter options, smarter (prickish at times) AI and a villain bringing pink suits, platinum cow-licks and sexy back this peek at what’s on offer left a gaming boner in our pants. You can’t get higher praise than that.