Gigabyte GV N980G1 GAMING 4GD: Gigabyte Flexes it's muscles

Welcome to Gigabyte’s GeForce GTX 980. As expected, the company has slapped on a new cooler, tweaked the clocks, and included a few extra goodies in the box. However, this time around the company has gone one further, adding a new feature that it claims is unique to its product, called Gigabyte Flex.

According to the marketing material, Flex allows this card to detect up to four monitors, and con  gure them for gaming. Unfortunately we only had twin monitors to test this, so can’t vouch for the tech, but we have to wonder how different it is to NVIDIA’s usual multi-monitor con  guration. There’s no way the GPU could know how the monitors are positioned, so gamers will have to tweak the layout regardless.

Once again we see Gigabyte using its custom Windforce cooler, but this time it can handle 600W. Considering the new 980 runs very cool, we think it’s a bit of a waste, but at least it’s even quieter than the already whisper-quiet reference cooler. Pity it’s not quite as attractive.

Gigabyte uses the additional cooling to overclock the Boost speed to 1329MHz, a healthy increase over the stock speed, which is great for those who don’t want to get their hands dirty.

Our only concern with this product is the price. Given how cool the 980 operates, we think cheaper models running reference coolers might overclock just as well, making the $850 price tag on this beast hard to justify. We’ll soon   nd out when the generic cards start to arrive. 

PRICE $849

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