Hideki Kamiya: Scalebound Don't Look To Bayonetta Or Metal Gear Rising

 To feel like we truly wield the power of a fire-breathing sky lizard and eviscerate our enemies in epic air battles

The best thing about a Platinum Games’ title is the guarantee that it’ll be completely different from anything that’s come before. Don't look to Bayonetta or Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance for some kind of template to the studio’s Xbox One exclusive Scalebound, here, players have a dragon at their disposal, used in large scale skirmishes with other giant beasts. The relationship between the player and their dragon will be core to the experience. “Monsters, dragons, large action [sequences], that is exactly what our key theme is for this game,” director Hideki Kamiya stated ina presentation at the Tokyo Game Show. “This large, epic-scale of battle taking place right in front of your eyes [and] the impact and dynamism that it brings to the experience, that’s going to be core to the game.”

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