how to… build the perfect Wasteland 2 squad

Your team of Desert Rangers needs to be flexible enough to handle a range of threats, but in the early game you won’t have a lot of spare skill points to go round. Initially, you’ll want to put points into combat the various Speech skills are nice to have, but you can’t talk down a mutant rabbit.

Assault rifles are the best all-rounders, but a good sniper can waste many early-game enemies with a single bullet. build up both, and maybe invest in one shotgunner in case things get hairy.

The most important skill in the game is Surgeon. When a ranger takes too much damage, they start to bleed out. Only the Surgeon skill (coupled with a Trauma Kit) can bring them back from the brink. make sure two rangers invest even just a couple of points here there’s nothing more harrowing than watching your only medic expire while the rest of the squad looks on gormlessly.

There are two other skills that will make your mission decidedly easier: explosives and computer Science. The former is used primarily to disarm traps, but also governs the use of grenades which deal massive damage and are 100% accurate.

computer Science is a later-game skill, but allows not only the hacking of terminals, but also of robotic enemies. Paired with a sneaky character, it’s possible to turn a robot army entirely against itself saving you precious bullets, medpacks and the hassle of doing it all yourself.

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