infamous: First light

See that screen above? That’s not a press shot. I actually took that. If ever you need proof all PS4 games should come with a Photo mode, look no further than Fetch’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it dash through Seattle. In the four hours it takes me to speed through this Second Son prequel, I spend a good 40 minutes with Sucker Punch’s improved, disembodied cam (just click R3), using it to admire the studio’s gorgeously textured city streets, prison compounds and mountain passes. It’s both horribly addictive and a brilliant way to showcase PS4’s power.

Admittedly, my obsession with Kodak Moments speaks to the occasionally lacklustre, non-snap-happy parts of this open-world amuse-bouche, but Seattle’s still more vibrant than before.

For those who feel the compunction for rapid motion, there’s much to enjoy in First
Light. Not only are Second Son’s ace Neon abilities beefed up (Fetch can now run through puffs of gas to go even faster), but that beanie berk is nowhere in sight. Well, that’s a half-truth. If you own Rowe’s title you can control Gavin Graffiti in the spin-off’s Curdun Cay Battle Arenas; hi-score mini-games that boast worldwide PSN leaderboards.   

bros before woes

The point is, Abigail ‘Fetch’ Walker is 96% less annoying than Delsin. She’s just the right amount of wounded and sarky, with a spunky attitude that rarely grates. Set two years before Rowe tagged the hell out of the Space Needle, First Light illuminates the speedster’s backstory surrounding her brother and their drug demons. Of course, with inFamous being roughly as subtle as a spate of Godzilla-birthing A-bomb tests, there are actual demons in here towards the end, too.

Your time with Fetch involves less plate-spinning tasks than in Second Son. Yes, missions still feel cookie cutter the game repeats the well-worn beats of tracking camera drones and rescuing prisoners but there are some memorable set-pieces with well-judged vehicle sections.

It also helps Fetch is a crack shot; several tasks showcase her sniper skills. Who needs a PSG1 when you can fire pink bolts at men 500m away?

Though its Seattle is slightly smaller than Delsin’s, even with a late prison section in a new, linear mountain map, First Light is only a couple of hours shorter than full-fat inFamous. For £11.99 (or a shade under £16 if you go boxed), that ain’t bad value. Not essential, but still a rapid recommendation.

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