LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, Holy fan service, Batman!

In the DC comic book series, Brainiac is an extra terrestrial android (except when he isn’t) boasting “12th level intellect” and straight As in the fields of maths, engineering, physics, theoretical science, alien technology, with telekinetic and telepathic powers. Every comic book supervillain has a “thing”, of course, and Brainiac’s “thing” when he isn’t complaining on Reddit about how nice guys finish last, anyway is using his Hyper Force Shrink Ray and, or the Lantern Rings to cram cities and even whole planets into glass jars as part of the most inscrutable universe domination plan ever that totally has nothing whatsoever to do with compensating for anything. Or maybe he just really likes snow globes.

Much more important to us at the moment, however, is that he’s coming for Earth, and it’s up to Batman and his superhero speed dial contacts to save the world. To the Batsuit! No, the other Batsuit. The one built for interstellar travel with the built-in, patent pending Wayne Aerospace Body Fluid-O-Rang, Alfred. WE'RE GOING TO SPAAAAACE.

With almost 20 games already launched in the LEGO series, you probably already know what you’re getting with this one loads of unlockable characters (including a mega campy 1960s Batman voiced by KAPOW! the original mega-campy 1960s Batman Adam West, complete with proper “KAPOW!” icons because it wouldn't be the same without them), and a whole lot of building and busting things. New in LEGO Batman 3 , though, is what the marketing blurbs are dubbing “zero-G gameplay”, or
basically retro-arcade sequences where you zip around in a spaceship, grabbing power-ups and blasting bad guys. You know, just like you did with your real LEGO when you were 10. Or 35. Or whatever. It’s cool, I also have a LEGO X-Wing on my desk that I use to, um, express myself from time to time. We could start a club or something.

The line up of playable characters in LEGO Batman 3 spans the obvious and the obscure in what our host at the Gamescom developer presentation described as “a love letter to Batman fans” (presumably laminated for its own safety). Characters like Aquaman, Black Adam, Flash, General Zod, Cyborg, Nightwing, Shazam, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Doomsday, Sinestro, Mr. Freeze, Clayface, Jor-El, Scarecrow, Two-Face, Lex Luthor, Green Arrow, Deathstoke, Killer Croc, Batgirl, and Harley Quinn join frames with Beast Boy, Krypto, Blue Beetle, Black Manta, Stargirl, Mr. Mxyzptlk, and…

Bat-Cow in a who’s who of nerd quiz blanks. In total, more than 150 characters are featured in the game, more than any other LEGO game released previously.

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