Lords Of The Fallen is struggling to pick up traction. With the Winter release window so packed, Deck 13’s latest just isn’t getting the attention it deserves. It’sa shame,  because it’s genuinely fun to play, looks bloody gorgeous and has put a heavy emphasis on rock-solid mechanics and tight controls.  But it’s also put a heavy emphasis on punishing combat and unrelenting challenge. Does that sound like another last gen only experience to you? Make no mistake about it, if you’re burnt out on Dark Souls, there’s  a  fair chance that Lords Of The Fallen just isn’t going to do anything  for  you.

Deck 13 hasn’t shied away from the comparison, and that’s now  becoming detrimental. Lords Of The Fallen is going to bea grand RPG adventure, a change of pace from the ton of first person shooters landing in Q4, but the jury’s still out on whether it’s worth your time after a Dark Souls II binge earlier in the year.

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