Making room for a PS4 time traveller

Being introduced to a new game by spending an hour in an elaborate mock-up of a teenage girl’s bedroom is new to us. Then again, much of what Life Is Strange is trying to do is welcomingly odd.

Coming from Dontnod the same studio that brought you Remember Me this is a game attempting to capture the essence of growing up.

You play as Max, a 17 year-old returning to her Oregon hometown after a five-year absence. Upon her return she reacquaints herself with former best bud Chloe.

Having grown into two very different people Max shy and unassuming, Chloe rebellious and unpredictable their reunion is predictably difficult. Max has a trick, though: she can rewind time, reversing incidents, embarrassments and conversations she’s not happy with.

The format is similar to Telltale’s The Walking Dead, down to an episodic structure that will see five season one instalments delivered in five to six week intervals. From what we’ve played, this is a game that will live and die by the quality of its emotional engagement. If it can deliver feels on the level of Clementine’s zomb tragedy, this could be well worth remembering.

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