MGS V :jungle boogie

Welcome to a Guns ‘N’ Roses track. The momentous MGS milestones keep on a comin’, with Hideo Kojima revealing an amazing new environment for The Phantom Pain at the Tokyo Games Show, just a month after wowing the world with Mother Base multiplayer. The visionary developer also confirmed his baby would be released at some point next year. Too. Much. Excite. What next: a naked Raiden statue ‘balls cupped MGS2 style’ as a 12-inch pre-order bonus?

Finally, after a year of seeing nothing but (admittedly gorgeous) FOX Engine desert, Snake says sayonara to sand with the first unveiling of MGS V’s new jungle.

Thought to be set in Africa, the sweltering, lushly rendered foliage immediately invites comparisons with MGS3: Snake Eater; arguably the series high watermark. The scale is something else, as sweeping canyons dominate the beginning of  a fresh and lengthy real-time demo, while a canopy  of trees stretches as far as the eye patch can see.

Konami also unleashed a separate story trailer, revealing  a surprising side to The Phantom Pain’s seemingly mute sniper, Quiet. While many presumed she would be yet another mad Metal Gear antagonist, perhaps cast in a Sniper Wolf-style mould, it now appears she’s actually an ally of Big Boss.

Watch the trailer and you see a hint of the Boss/Naked Snake dynamic, as the legendary soldier protects Quiet from his Mother Base troops. She could still do with putting a few more layers on, of course. But it’s pleasing to see Koj go down a less obvious route for her character.

You can call the slinky shooter in as sniper support or even adopt an orphan wolf pup, cutely named Diamond Dog. The bundle of fur eventually grows into a full-sized White Fang wannabe, complete with eye patch. D’awwww. Other new features revealed at TGS include: an Active Decoy that creates a Snake blow-up doll; a golden hand that zaps baddies; and using a cardboard box as a changing room after a shirtless Big Boss Fultons in a new Sneaking Suit. All that, plus the delights of ‘crack climbing’ with Snake now able to scale rock faces.

The fact FOX Engine generates such detailed worlds and still hits 60 fps is testament to the strength  of Konami’s tech. Our MGS excitement is growing to new, unhealthy obsessions every month. With desert and jungle now both out in the wild, we can’t help but fantasise where Hideo may jet us off to next. We’ve still got our robot fingers crossed for Big Boss’ Outer Haven stronghold, to bring the three decade-spanning plot full circle.

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