MGS V: The Phantom Pain

All your mother base (and crates and guards) are belong to us
What new-gen will allow Kojima’s next sneaking adventure to cram in just gets more and more impressive as if anything could improve on a sandbox setting and cardboard box hijinks.

We knew that multiplayer was going to make its way into The Phantom Pain, and now we’ve seen it in action. Players will be able to try to invade one another’s mother base in full control of Snake, knocking out guards, looting supplies, attempting to avoid detection and so on.

To protect your homestead from interlopers you’ll need to set up defences: gun turrets and laser traps are two that have been revealed so far, and you’ll have the option to upgrade these and more as you go. When on offence you’ll can nab the other player’s cargo crates to boost your own stockpile of goods and cash, and even use the Fulton balloons to steal enemy guards with some coercion you might be able to convince them to join your cause.

Cobra Kai

most exciting is the prospect of Snake on Snake combat. If you become aware of another player trying to pull a fast one you can confront them yourself, resulting in the kind of serpentine battle rarely seen outside of a David Attenborough Documentary (we’ve even seen some rocket launcher action). Two players going head-to-head using the full suite of MGS V’s gameplay tools? be still our bleeping codecs.

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