MGS V reveals its new tower defence-aping online features

Though he’s starred in some of PlayStation’s greatest solo jaunts, Snake has never been shy of mingling in online circles. No, he’s not been following those Reddit threads that post erotic Cyborg Ninja fan art.

Rather, his sneaky adventures have been garnering  a cult multiplayer following since 2006. Now The Phantom Pain is getting in on the PSN espionage, with the reveal of its tantalising Mother Base infiltration missions. Tapping into the game’s wonderfully slapstick Fulton Recovery System, MGS V gives players the chance to steal rivals’ hard-earned troops and resources by attacking their takes on the legendary off-shore stronghold.

At this point we should remind you Big Boss’ floating gaff is essentially a giant lump of Lego that can be moulded to your whims; Mother Base’s platforms can be developed and extended as you see fit, meaning no two will look completely alike.

Away from  the jeep-wrecking, dung-dropping exploits of his horse, Kojima Productions’ most recent demo also shows Snake infiltrating a fellow player’s compound. During this five-minute walkthrough, you gain glimpses into just how important it is to beef up Mother Base with security systems. Deploying plenty of UAV drones, guard patrols and camera systems makes sneaking into a player’s fortress and Fultoning away that shiny new tank they just airlifted off the battlefield a much more daunting prospect.

Trip of The Tongue

In the demo, your favourite middle-aged stealth sultan also comes across infrared laser sensors. Though he manages  to circumvent the tripwires by clambering up a massive pipe, these types of security obstacles only  get more advanced as players pump GMP (the game’s currency) into developing personnel and resources for the compound. Erecting more platforms and growing Mother Base also makes it more challenging for rival players to reach your goodies.
Hands-off our anti-air turrets, you light-fingered swines!

Want to make your klepto espionage antics a smidge more sneaky? Break out the Phantom Cigar. Once you equip the hallucinogenic stogie, Big Boss fast-forwards time, enabling you to jump straight to nocturnal stealth invasions. Masked by the cover  of darkness, other players’ enemy patrols are easier to skirt around. 

This isn’t Supermarket Sweep with Dale Winton sporting an eye patch, though. You can’t just lift everything willy nilly. Instead, each weapon, soldier, crate and animal you steal accrues Fulton Recovery Expenses. Think of it as The Phantom Pain’s take on VAT; every item you airlift costs a set amount of funds. 

In the dev’s playthrough, this is set at a default 300 GMP, though this may change pre-release to ensure stealing larger resources hits Snake’s change purse harder.

Blowing your GMP shouldn’t be your main concern, mind. There’s also the small matter of dealing with a rival Big Boss if and when you’re caught. The demo briefly shows two Snakes battling, with the intruder about to take a rocket to that stylishly trimmed stealth beard. 

Base defence is exciting enough, but adding PvP combat is the lip-smacking La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo  cherry atop a truly delicious gâteau.

MoTher Base, May i?

We’re chuffed to see so much thought is clearly being poured into Mother Base’s online features. It continues Metal Gear’s proud (yet often overlooked) online lineage, first established in MGS3: Subsistence. 

Of course, there are still questions that need answering. Is multiplayer a separate mode? So far it looks like the action is wired seamlessly into the main story, a la Watch Dogs. 

Still, how will the promised tablet support come into play? And will players receive alerts when their compounds are under attack? Regardless, we can’t wait until all your base (and the herds of sheep that go with them) are belong to us. 

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