The spy’s time is valuable. He’s forever on the move, jetting between exotic locations, seducing exotic women, drinking exotic cocktails. But as thrilling as that life is, sometimes he just likes to kick off his expensive Italian leather shoes, fire up his supercomputer, and collate some exotic PC gaming rumours. Everyone needs a hobby, and it’s lucky for you, dear reader, that this is The Spy’s.

As The Spy predicted a few issues back,  Assassin’s Creed: Rogue is indeed coming to PC. The spinoff casts you as a Templar rather than an Assassin, and will incorporate Black Flag ’s brilliant naval battles in a new Arctic setting. Ubisoft hasn’t officially said there will be a PC release, but a listing confirming its existence was spotted by a NegoGAF user on the website of the Brazilian equivalent of PEGI. Naturally, until Ubisoft says for sure, you might want to take this with the tiniest pinch of salt. The Spy was once chased down the side of an icy Arctic mountain by the henchmen of some villain or other. It’s a good thing he’s had training in simultaneously skiing and firing an Uzi.

But wait, there’s more Assassin’s Creed news. In the wake of Unity, the next major game in the series, a downloadable side-scroller called Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China is being released. You play an assassin called Shao Jun, a name fans of the series’ mythology will recognise, and has a nice hand painted art style. The Spy thinks it looks fun, but wonders if there are just too many  Assassin’s Creed  games.

Windows 10 is on the way. The next version of Microsoft’s OS sees the return of the Start menu, inexplicably removed from Windows 8. But what happened to Windows 9? No one knows for sure why the company skipped a number.

In Japan, the number 9 is considered unlucky because their word for it,  kyu , sounds similar to the word for ‘pain’ or ‘distress’, so maybe that’s it. The Spy spent some time in Japan, training under a great master in the ways of the samurai. It was all just a cover story, however. The samurai master was actually a villainous madman bent on ruling the world, and The Spy was forced to turn his sword on his old mentor. It was all very poignant.

Square Enix recently announced that  Final Fantasy XIII  would be coming to Steam, five years after its original release on PlayStation 3. The Spy wonders if this means future games in the series will be coming to PC as well, namely the forthcoming  Final Fantasy XV.  Formerly a spinoff known as  Final Fantasy Versus XIII , the game has since become a proper numbered sequel.

For now it’s a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One exclusive, but The Spy suspects, in light of XIII’s recent arrival, the PC might get it too. The Final Fantasy series has lost its way of late, failing to live up to the standards of classics like VII and VIII, but The Spy hopes this will be a turning point for the ailing franchise. Although, being an international man of mystery, he probably won’t have time to play it.

Rockstar’s long-awaited PC version of Grand Theft Auto V has slipped to 2015 again, as predicted by The Spy. This is a shame, but The Spy is willing to wait if it results in a better port. As well as updated visuals, it seems this ‘remastered’ version will also come with a new first-person mode. That information was revealed on Rockstar’s website, but quickly removed, suggesting it might be held back for a later patch. It read: ‘a new first-person mode for vehicles that shows the interior
of the vehicle, including working speedometers, dash lights, and more.’ There will also be, if this feature hasn’t been canned, an on-foot first-person camera.

The website also reveals that the PC version will have new Easter eggs, random events, and cats. CATS! The Spy should hate cats, given all the feline stroking villains he faces on a weekly basis, but he thinks they were something sorely missing from the console version of GTA V.

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