MX vs ATV: Supercross

If you don’t have mud on your shoes, you are doing it wrong
For an outsider, the world of supercross might not seem that interesting, but all over the world, including South Africa, there is a huge community that jumps, races and speeds their way over humps, ditches and track every weekend.

It’s hugely exhilarating and it attracts thousands of spectators when professional events are put on. Most recently, the lawns in front of the Union Buildings in Pretoria where transformed into a giant motocross track, complete with high-action jumps and tricks.

So it’s actually no wonder that games developers have tapped into this segment of the market, and even if gamers don’t own a motorcycle they all wish that they could pull off those insane twists and flips displayed on television.

MX vs. ATV: Supercross aims to do exactly that, and even though its fifth game in the series, they build on the knowledge of the previous titles to strengthen this year’s release. The premise for this one is rather simple: race in motocross and supercross categories while riding either motocross bikes or ATVs.

The original games where developed by THQ, but since they fell into bankruptcy, this is the first game from developer Rainbow Studios. They haven’t been responsible for major titles, as they were part of the THQ group that got liquidated but has since been resurrected.

To ensure authenticity so that actual riders will find familiarity in the game, more than 80 motocross companies will be featured, as well as 17 Supercross Tracks for both MX and ATV riding. A track can only take so many riders at one time, but the game will have 60 riders to race against, and a career mode with five different series to compete in: 250 East, 250 West, 450 MX, 450 ATV, 450 MX vs. ATV.
To make things a bit interesting and to revamp the franchise since it’s under new developed, a new physics and control system will be introduced, as well as reinterpreting the “pre-load” from the original MX vs ATV games.

 For those that want to race against friends, it will feature multiplayer races where up to 12 riders can battle it out for top position. Rainbow Studios have also promised that the game will receive constant updated to add new content and to improve the overall gaming experience.

For the solo career, gamers will be able to create a rider which can be customized, as well as a Free Practice Mode. In this mode, “you can practice every track alone, via split screen, or online with up to 12 of your racing buddies, practice every track to perfection and/or perform the craziest stunts with freely selectable spawn-points and without time keeping/hay bales/AI-opponents.”

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