PES 2015 Preview

Yes, yes. We know. FIFA is a big deal here, even more so compared to its technically superior rival, Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 (PES 2015). But that matters little when one game has licenses to use every club and player that matters rather than the half-hearted attempt at realism in this regard that the PES series tends to be. For most, this alone is a deal breaker. However there are more than a few reasons to go with PES 2015 this year.

For one, there’s an actual physical release on PC at a low. This alone makes the game a whopping three and a half times cheaper than FIFA 15 on PC. Along with this, you do save on your download cap.

The other part of it is actually downloading it, which in this country, tends to be a problem. If the price and bandwidth are no constraints, PES 2015 sports gorgeous looks thanks to the FOX Engine (also used in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes) and if the demos are any indication, has more fluid gameplay than EA’s footie fix.That makes FIFA Ultimate Team the only reason to bother with FIFA 15. For most, that’s reason enough, but with increased prices across platforms including console, you can do with spending less.

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