Quantum break Xbox One

Whenever Remedy decides to make a game, you can be sure of a few things. Morose, brooding central character check; deep and vivid story check; an out-of-fashion jacket check.

After spending time on the supremely scary Alan Wake, Remedy is back to doing what it does best messing around with time-based gameplay mechanics. The only people who have probably dived around in super slow motion more than Max Payne are the members of the Indian cricket team when they are fielding.

The first look at Quantum Break’s gameplay showed some very interesting time-based gameplay mechanics on top of the standard third-person cover-based shooter gameplay featuring one of the three leads of the game, Jack Joyce. You can pause time while moving from cover to cover in order to confuse enemies, and even trap individual enemies in some sort of “time capsule”, freezing them for a few moments.

The other protagonists will have different time-based powers. For example, Paul Serene will have the power to see into the future, based on which he can take decisions in the present. What is more interesting, however, is the tie-in TV show in production, where information from the game and the show will feed into each other. There is a vibe of newness to everything that is happening around Quantum Break, making it one of the most anticipated releases for the Xbox One


GENDER: Action
Developer / Publisher: Remedy / Microsoft
Release: 2015
Platforms: Xbox One

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