Readers’ MOST Wanted Which games are bleeping loudest on your radar?

the Division

That frustratingly distant 2015 release window hasn’t stopped The Division from rising to the top of your most anticipated games. And while a selection of new screens released last month at Gamescom was certainly slim pickings, we bet you’re just as excited as we are to save Clancy’s New york from a naughty man-made pandemic.

Uncharted  4:  

a thief’s end Despite the fact that Naughty Dog has gone radio silent on all things Uncharted, you Nate-obsessed readers are still champing at the bit for a taste of a new-gen-powered treasure hunt with Drake.

grand theft auto v

There had been little concrete news regarding the PS4 powered version of los Santos until minutes before deadline, when the info on p17 dropped into our laps. Before that arrived you’d already voted this in at number three. Next month, we fully expect it to appear in first place. 

Far cry 4

Rounding off your top five (and making its debut on these hallowed pages) is another Ubisoft heavyweight; the snow capped madness of Far Cry number four. Clearly  details of the exclusive PSN co-op mode we’ll be getting has got you all hot under the PlayStation Far Cry collar. 

assassin’s  creed Unity

Not even a two-week delay that pushed it back to November could dull the edge of your rabid AC fandom. Despite dropping two places from last month, Arno and Elise
stand united on your list.

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