And reason, or so it seems
With its upcoming indie slate, the head-swapping Puppeteer, and now Rime, no one could accuse Sony of playing it safe. This is an open-world adventure from Madrid-based Tequila Works full of Ico-esque towers with spiral staircases, wheat fields shimmering in the sun and the craggy cliff faces of a mysterious island. Gameplay specifics are scarce, but with a first showing as enigmatic as this, Sony could reveal it’s actually a washing dishes while queueing for an Adrian Chiles hosted polystyrene lecture simulator and we’d only be a  bit  disheartened. 

And the name? Either it’s an extreme measure to bag a unique Google search term, or a reference to the Rime Of The Ancient Mariner a Coleridge poem about man’s relationship with nature, where ‘Rime’ is an archaic version of ‘rhyme’. Or both. Maybe that poem tells us something about the shadows that surround our hero as he sits by the fireside. Is he cursed by nature? Has he been shipwrecked?

Tequila Works’ previous game Deadlight worked the survival horror angle hard within a 2D side scroller format, so don’t expect Rime to be all happy clappy island exploration. It’ll certainly be interesting to chart its voyage into open world territory from the constraints of 2D zombie shooting. Just no one mention albatrosses, okay?

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