Tales of Xillia 2 PS3

Stories about time travel and alternate realities are, like Bandai’s Tales games, as common as cogs in clockwork. frankly, to successfully riff on this theme you’ve got to provide something truly special something actually capable of *ahem* stopping time. While Xillia 2 does have some tricks to its timekeeping, its story of dimension-hopping and timeline-bending simply doesn’t leave a lasting impression. To cut a (very) long story short, the world of fresh-faced protagonist Ludger is under
threat by parallel realities that are seeping into his own. To prevent this, he must dive into these alternate timelines and destroy whatever it is that spawned them. moral turmoil, ruined relationships and potential genocides soon follow.

On the surface the does plot hold some appeal. in reality, Ludger’s blank personality makes it all but impossible to engage with. far and away he’s the least interesting character on show, the fact that he’s almost entirely mute 1 making him feel entirely separate from the cast rather than a vital component of it.

To make matters worse this is an rpg that falls into the trap of thinking that longer equals better. There’s an incredible amount of grinding to be done here that adds significantly to the running time, made worse by repetitive quest patterns and dull enemies. This is the biggest shame of all as the core combat system works very well,

2 it’s just let down enormously by the way you’re asked to interact with it. Xillia 2 is the fourteenth game in the Tales series and it feels like it. The formula needs an update.

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