The Last tinker: City oF Colors

Perhaps it would be too easy to cynically dismiss this solely for its terrible title, but to do so would be a heinous insult to a vividly colourful platformer that remembers exactly what it was like to play the delights of crash and Spyro for the very first time  even when you’ve forgotten after years of drowning in the seas of beige and grey polygons that form war-torn cities.

harking back to those giddy days before everything was such a known quantity, The Last Tinker pops you into the crafted shoes of koru, a resident of colortown who has the handy ability to put it all back together when it’s attacked by a nasty hue-sucking force known as the Bleakness. 

a surprisingly exhilarating combination of free-running, enjoyably deep combat 1 and a series of engaging puzzles, the game manages to effortlessly wander into the realms of studtacular Lego-esque charm. The script is knowing and sweet as the story steers through a colour segregation allegory, and while the vibrant world might require sunglasses it’s still a beautiful place to explore (despite a few framerate issues). The initial tutorial is slow to start, but once you’re into the game proper you
find yourself joyously hurtling down sky rails, upgrading your combat skills, freezing time 2 and thoroughly enjoying the fact that koru lands on his feet just like iron man.

With an exceptional soundtrack and a sense of fun that hasn’t been seen  in most platformers since the late ‘90s The Last Tinker is nothing groundbreaking, but it’s a sweet and tasty slice of nostalgia that delivers a welcome warm, fuzzy feeling to new-gen.

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