The Secrets Of GTA V

We know what you're thinking. Surely everyone in the whole freaking world has played and completed Grand Theft Auto V by now, right? The title has sold an astonishing 14.26 million copies on Xbox 360 alone, and that ridiculous figure doesn’t even account for digital sales. So is there value in repackaging, remastering and re-releasing GTA V on Xbox One ? It’s a valid question, but it turns out that a shockingly low amount of you actually ran the San Andreas story to its conclusion. If
True Achievement's figures are anything to go by, of the 115,465 gamers it’s logged playing GTAV, only 2.91% have actually seen it to 100% completion. Which is utter madness. Rockstar’s masterpiece is making its way to Xbox One in a matter of weeks, and whether you’re coming in as fresh blood or asa veteran of Los Santos warfare, there’s plenty to see and do to justify purchasing GTAV on your next-gen console.


A year on, and this is still unsolved. A large map in the cable car station at the summit of Mount Chiliad kickstarted  GTA V’s biggest mystery and it’s still making us question everything. New strange ‘All Seeing Eye’ markings are constantly being unearthed around the game world, leading to some pretty crazy theories about the mountain and the UFOs that tend to surround it. Will it finally be solved when GTA V hits Xbox One? Does the mountain really hide a secret tunnel and a jetpack? We can’t wait to find out.


Murder isn’t a new pastime in San Andreas, in fact, we probably spent most of our time in GTA V pulling out Gats for fun. But there’s a serial killer mystery in the history of Los Santos and Blaine Country. A string of murders were carried out in 1999, but the bodies were never recovered. Head over to Sandy Shores to start your investigation, and keep an eye out for a creepy nursery rhyme scrawled on a rock by Merle Abraham’s house to get you on the right path. The rest is up to you.


There’s something otherworldly happening behind the scenes in San Andreas. If you want to make contact with the unknown, you’ll need to crawl through Los Santos and Blaine Country to find 50 hidden UFO parts. It’ll take some time and effort on your part plus you need to go and beat the Fame or Shame Mission and pay a visit to Omega the Hippie but it’s all worth it in the end for a totally far our experience, man.


This still has us confused. Largely thought to tie into the greater Mount Chiliad mystery, the special edition of GTA V came with a map that, when run under a UV light, revealed a series of instructions for a drop off. The instructions ask for half a mil to be deposited by the docks near Raton Canyon, but to this day the mystery has never been solved. Is it a red herring from Rockstar to get us endlessly driving around?

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