This is the game Carol Vorderman would have given all her vowels for back in Countdown’s heyday. If you challenged Limbo’s arachnid a hole to Scrabble, the resulting wonderful mess of hairey legs, devilish platform puzzles and jumbled words would no doubt resemble indie creator Bilal Chbib’s extraordinary new project. Now, can anyone spare us a ‘Q’ or two?

The influence of Playdead’s Purgatory quest can be felt in every R-rated swing of Typoman’s arms (literally: they’re formed by Jonathan Ross’ most hated consonant). As you jump on, yank, or throw letters together to create contraptions or environmental actions that help you traverse the game’s 2D levels, a sense of weighted inertia follows every action. Swaying from letters attached to rope swings also owes much to Limbo’s playfull physics challenges.  At one point, you send a ‘D’ careering into ‘RAIN’ to drain a pool of water that’s blocking your path.

Typoman is really bloody clever, then. Its wordplay is darkly funny we ‘accidentally’ spell a swear related to genitalia early on in our demo (nothing happens, just so you know) and don’t underestimate just how disarming seeing words form in ‘ta-da!’ moments can be. We grin like an inebriated Cheshire Cat while joining an ‘S’ to an aggressive, snapping ‘TRAP’ to forge a helpful lasso. Mr Marston would approve.  

In just 15 minutes, the evocative wordsmith showcases numerous epihnany moments with its letters, and its three-to-four hour journey is sure to be filled with clever puzzles that’ll have you reaching for the dictionary. It’s a road we, Carol and Big Bird can’t wait to travel down.

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