Velocity 2X Game at speed

Mixing genres can be a tricky thing, but the way the developers of Velocity 2X did it is almost pitch-perfect. Here is a game that effortlessly combines vertical scrolling space shoot-em-ups with action side scrolling platform adventure… and neither part feels out of place.

That’s quite a feat, because Velocity 2X could quite easily have fallen into the trap of trying to be too many things at once. Rather, it is a challenging game with varied elements that are all tied together by one vital element: speed. Each of the fifty levels is a time trial, combined with movement and ability based puzzles. Whether you’re flying your spaceship through maze like levels where quick and accurate teleportation is vital, or guiding your character through levels in which hazards are designed to break your pace, it’s all about getting though the affair as fast as possible.

To this end, Velocity 2X features a simple, yet extremely effective, control scheme. The player doesn’t need to get bogged down in control complexity when every split second counts, after all, and this title allows for snap decisions to be executed effectively and easily. If they’re bad decisions, tough you can make your moves without hassle.

Graphically, it follows the trend that a lot of indie developers are popularising, which means that visually it reminds one of a simpler age. And that’s fine, really, because it allows the player to focus on its enticing and addictive game dynamic.

And with a scoring and leader board system, you’ll likely (if you enjoy bragging rights) go back to it over and over again.

It’s simple, addictive and varied, and works really well on either the PS4 or the Vita. In short, this is a great indie game.

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