Werewolves Things are getting a little hairy in the company of PlayStation’s coolest lycans

The wolf  among us
Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Not us. Mainly because we’re lost in those dreamyeyes of Bigby not to be mixed up for a Trainspotting character who enjoys hurling pints off balconies. (Or was that Begbie?) Sheriff of Fabletown, this hairy law enforcer is more Columbo than craven beast.

The order: 1886

Hero in a half-breed  shell? If only. The Order’s part-man/part-lupine monstrosities are trouble. Aside from their terrifying speed and strength, they can hide in plain sight when in human form. These things aren’t so much concealed in sheep’s clothing as dressed up in deceptive dudes’ kecks.

resurrectionTurns out, being a werewolf makes you roughly as popular as the average Yank in The Slaughtered Lamb. That’s certainly the case for Jon Talbain. Born to a human mother and a wolf father, he’s shunned from society for his lunar activities. We’re sure being a badass beat-’em-up character takes the edge off the social leprosy.

Altered beast
Whatever happened to the classic Wolfman? Y’know, the one who enjoyed howling at the night sky and who’d soil his ripped pantaloons at  the merest sniff of a silver bullet. In Sega’s 2005 reboot of the Mega Drive scrapper, hero Luke Custer is a ‘Genome-Cyborg’. Basically,  a big cheaty robot who can turn into an equally cheaty
robot  werewolf.  For  shame.    

the box What’s in the box?! Oh, loads and loads of bald werewolves, eh? Super. Contrary to what God Of War told you, Pandora’s Box is actually stuffed full of lycans and other paranormal, distinctly non-Greek monsters. Well, that’s at least according to this cheap and tacky New-York based blaster. Clearly, fur was too expensive to render.

In the fantastical realm of The Elder Scrolls, joining the werewolf ranks is a  bit like catching a cold. Lycanthrophy is a pesky disease your Dragonborn can contract in the Companions questline. The cure? Cut off a Glenmoril Witch’s head. Naturally.

lords of shadow I see a big-ass hammer rising. I see trouble on the way. Don’t go around tonight. Well, it’s bound to take your life… Gabriel’s been smashed to paste by a mean-looing shapeshifter. Cornell is the Dark Lord of Lycanthropes and the youngest of the three Lords Of Shadow. Sadly, his magnificent werewolf beard can’t save him from Belmont’s brutality.

Blood of the werewolf
The moon is to werewolves as deep fried Mars Bars are to heart attacks: one always leads to the other. In this upcoming platformer, Selena can stop her lycanthropic transformation if there’s a roof over her head, keeping moonlight at bay. Of course, being a wolf rules. So suck up that full moon, lady.

Sonic unleashed
Or The One With The Chuffing Werehog. Honestly, what was Sega thinking? We know Sonic has fallen on hard times since his 16-bit glory days, but a bloody Werehog? He’s not even a serious moon-worshipping monster. Instead, Sonic is a source of mockery thanks  to his stretchy were-arms.

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