Where there’s smoke, there’s Firewatch

The lid has finally been lifted on indie supergroup Campo Santo’s debut title Firewatch. It’s a first-person mystery set in Wyoming in 1989, and it casts the player as Henry, a fire lookout in the Shoshone National Forest. Campo Santo’s goal with the game is to explore what it means to be completely isolated from the world, and to explore the psyche of someone who would willingly choose to be isolated.

With isolation in mind, you’ll have little to no human contact in the game. Your closest companion is Delilah, your supervisor, with whom you’ll be in radio contact. Players will drive Henry’s relationship with Delilah, choosing how to respond to her interactions with you or choosing to not respond at all. Your responses (or non-responses) will have an effect on the course of the story.

Campo Santo is quick to point out that there are no branching storylines or multiple endings this is primarily a mystery game after all but they want players to feel as though they have agency to react to situations around them as they choose. It sure sounds intriguingly different, and the game’s gorgeous art style is wonderfully alluring. We’re anxious to get our paws on it.

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