WILD, the first game from Ancel's newly formed Wild Sheep Studios. We don’t yet know much about the PS4 exclusive, other than that it’s open world and allows you to play as any of the creatures that you might find roaming in it human, boar, wolf, sheep, or whatever else you might fancy. As to what you actually do in the game, the trailer hints that it could be a survival game, a theory backed by Ancel's insistence that it’s based on “experiencing new situations each time you play”.

We’re not sure what to make of some of things we’ve seen in Wild’s trailer, but we’re going to guess that the giant god woman emerging from a tree and the headdress wearing skeleton are related to some sort of narrative. We look forward to finding out in 2015.

Carrying on with our theme of PS4 games that we don’t know much about but definitely want to play in 2015.

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