With Halloween coming up, what’s the perfect playstation horror?

you’ve picked my favourite genre, but all HalloWs’ eve is too cHeesy for pure Horror. 

if you want to be scared of your own shadow this Halloween, just download the pt demo. (i believe  my exact quote during  my first go was: “i’m done. i’m completely done. f**k this game. i’m out.”) but Halloween isn’t about scares. trick or treating, plastic skeletons… 31 oct is all about the cheese, and so this Halloween  i’ll be celebrating with a suitably offbeat game to match the mood. gregory Horror show on ps2 is  a good shout for this, but i think i’ll instead opt for the twin peaks-esque
deadly premonition: the director’s cut. it’s creepy, it’s funny and it’s even got real-time beard growth systems. i’m in.

vintage scares, nostalgia and  tHe licker it’s resident evil 2,  no contest.

in the distance, a bell chimes. piano notes rattle your nerve endings like they’re being played by a spider fleeing across the ivories. and nearer to you: the moans. all around, soft, mournful. or, in horror shorthand: atmosphere. resident evil 2 is a bastion of the lost art of foreboding, and when all Hallows’ eve descends i couldn’t care less about over-the-shoulder aiming. i want to be somewhere scary, rusted-up mechanics be damned. Here is a place where nostalgia and timeless theatrics
combine to create a cosy kind of fear. a videogame pumpkin pie. so grab  a spoon and tuck in.

from gruesome barbies to grizzly bears, condemned 2 Will barbecue your last nerve.

there are precisely 2,673 things in life that give me both the heebies and the jeebies. one of those is killer dolls cheers for scarring my childhood, chucky. also high on the scaredy-cat list is massive, man-eating bears. thanks to sega’s alcohol-fuelled creeper, both of those primal fears are ticked off in spectacular hide-under-the-covers fashion. in  the early abandoned doll factory, condemned 2
crafts one of the most chilling haunted house experiences on ps3. and that remote cabin/grizzly level? let’s just say i won’t be going down to the woods today…  or ever again, in fact.

looking to satisfy your Horror Hunger? gorge on outlast, my friend.

the perfect recipe for a great horror game is a delicate mix of gruesome spices and terrifying ingredients. first add an asylum-themed biscuity base, followed by two scoops of isolation, a tablespoon of primal fear, then drizzle with plenty of darkness. to finish, add  a splash of helplessness and bake for five to six hours until your nerves are suitably frayed. you see, every decent horror game can drop you into a scat-inducing scare fest, but few games have the cojones to give you nowt
but a camcorder (that never, ever has enough batteries) and a few beds to hide under. can anyone spare some aas? bon appétit, horror fans.

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