The Xbox One is crying out for a great baddie as you pick your favourites from Xbox past .

We do love a good bad guy. Having a really great adversary to pit your wits against is what makes the best games that little bit more enjoyable. At their best they are typically far more interesting than the hero and often even more driven.

Unfortunately, as our recent discussion and poll revealed, the Xbox One has yet to see a really high-calibre villain grace any of its best games. In fairness though, we were terribly spoilt for choice in the last generation.

Of the bad guys you picked out as your favourites, there’s a surprisingly varied mix of outright evil and extreme idealists. Characters such as The Didact from  Halo 4, Saren from Mass Effect or Andrew Ryan in BioShock have some logic to their way of thinking. They genuinely believe they are doing the right thing and that makes them very compelling antagonists. The polar opposite of that are characters like General Raam in Gears Of War who are portrayed in more of a straight-up evil kind
of way. They celebrate brutality and pain for its own ends and that makes them very easy to hate.

Perhaps the villains we love more than any others though are the ones who fall in between; the mad and bad. GLaDOS in Portal, Vaas in Far Cry 3 or Handsome Jack in Borderlands 2 have a twisted charm to them that makes us look forward to their presence. We know we have to defeat them, but they’re probably the most interesting characters in their respective games.

As the Xbox One marches on, we are still waiting to see a villain that matches these heights. What it does have is even more chances to play as the villain in games like Evolve and Fable Legends. Perhaps that will wind up being the legacy of this generation as we not only grow to love our bad guys, but play as them as well.

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