Bladestorm: Nightmare

From the developers of the Dynasty Warriors series, Ninja Gaiden, Disgaea and other titles that capture the essence and trademark of Japanese artwork and game style, comes another title featuring characters familiar to the developer and publisher, Tecmo Koei, roster.

Bladestorm: Nightmare is the sequel to the 2007 title Bladestorm The Hundred Years, based on the Anglo-French Hundred Years war era. Players will enter the battle fields as mercenaries for either England or France, leading their respective armies into war that changes in real time according to actions taken.

Players will command an army of various units such as elephant soldiers, infantry, archers, cavalry and more. Up to 200 soldiers will be available to command, each forming four various battalions which players can then switch between. Should one of the squads begin to struggle, they will be able to join up with another battalion in order to form new Corps units. These unites are strengthened by their numbers to unleash powerful “All Out Assault” abilities, each unique according to formation.

The title will feature two campaigns. One will focus on the Hundred Years’ War, the historical events that transpired and the iconic characters and heroes of the time such as Joan of Arc and Edward the Black Prince.  The other game mode, Nightmare, focusses on a far more fantastical world filled with mythological creatures like goblins, cyclops and dragons.

This RTS title might show off Koei’s unique real-time strategy interpretation, especially in the online game mode that is said to feature in the finished product. How it will all work is a matter of time as the last pieces of the puzzle fit together for a January release.

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