With one cutesy instalment under its belt, the Skylanders rival is back and this time it’s packing a Marvel shaped trump card. With comics scribe Brian Michael Bendis on writing duties, the 2.0 Edition story is split up into three six hour yarns set across the Marvel ‘verse.

For anyone who’s new to this whole games with toys malarkey, Disney Infinity 2.0 is an open-world platformer coupled with a vast creation suite for colourful comic world building. The pantheon of Disney favourites from the last game were by no means a boring bunch, but there’s something about hurtling through the clouds as Thor that’s far more empowering than boring old Sulley.

Oh, did I mention some characters can fly? Honestly, it’s so satisfying. And for those without such skyward powers there are plenty of vehicles to call upon when you’re itching for speed. Heroes (including those from the first game) have bespoke skill trees that unlock nifty new abilities as you level up.

The Minecraft-aping Toy Box mode returns and once again offers a ton of creative options. It’s the real star gracing Infinity’s bumper package, and the addition of Marvel shows just how far the concept has come since its inception in the Toy Story 3 game.

It’s just a shame that the gameplay at the heart of its Story content hasn't pushed on. Missions cycle between the same ‘protect this/beat them up’ template,while starring city Manhattan is lacking meaningful side-activities. So while the Marvel factor makes Toy Box mode more fun than ever, it fails to provide the impetus needed to move the series forward on all fronts.