Final Fantasy Type-0

It’s been three years in the making, but PSP’s Final Fantasy Type-0 is finally getting an HD remake for Xbox One. The plot is centered around a band of 14 kids at a magic school, all with the ability to draw power from their own souls. They become the only ones in the land capable of performing magic after some megalomaniacal moron does away with the crystals that power the magic of most citizens. Just like that, you’ve got a chunky quest in your magic-wielding mitts. In typical Final Fantasy form, the trailer features a load of floppy-haired, angsty young men throwing hurty things at much larger, slightly less angsty monsters: golems, four-legged beasts, something that looks like a cross between an AT-AT and a spider’s bum. If you’re an old hand at the series’ tendency to throw a billion characters at you at once and expecting you to follow their storylines like you’re their attentive grandma or something, then you won’t have a problem all 14 protagonists are introduced right off the bat but the inclusion of other mainstays such as Chocobo breeding and Moogles should be enough to calm your aching brain afterwards. With 14 styles of fighting, including ranged weapons, melee weapons and, er, some cards, it’s sure to be a nicely varied RPG.

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