OlliOlli 2: The skater supremo returns with split-screen

Already? Yep, you’d better get those last few levels polished off and perfected, as Roll7 has been working on the sequel to its breakout skating indie darling pretty much since the first game crash landed with aplomb on the PSN store.

“The sequel basically capitalises on the much praised combo system,” says director Simon Bennett, “adding manuals which opens up levels for monster combo opportunities as well as grind switching, reverts and manual reverts.

“We’ve also built a whole new engine that allows for much more innovative level design, including ramps, curved surfaces and most excitingly split routes.”

A potentially massive lure to the new OlliOlli is the inclusion of a local split-screen multiplayer mode, which, according to Bennett “has got everyone in a frenzy at the office it’s OlliOlli 2’s secret weapon!” Looks like it could be a future contender for our office game of the month if we can show off our moves. And faceplants.

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