Quick Review :Nutjitsu

It’s Pac-Man, but with more samurai squirrels and traditional Japanese-themed labyrinths rather than dark, trippy mazes, nuts instead of mystery pills and cats that bark like dogs in place of the iconic ghosts. In the main mode, different missions are thrown at you, from the standard ‘collect the things and get out’ to a more terrifying and stealthy ‘stay in these areas for 30 seconds’ quest. Tasks are randomly ordered and take place on one of 15 different maps, with five difficulty levels to choose from. Easy isn’t that easy, so it’s safe to say that hard which mostly just increases enemies and objectives is painful. With tasks randomly assigned to random levels it feels vague and unfocused. Rumour has it that the game might experience a wave of popularity due to its easily achievable Gamerscore points, if that’s the sort of thing you’d spend five pounds on.

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