RIVE : Basic

Two Tribes, the Netherlands studio behind adorable puzzle-platformer Toki Tori, had to recently ‘reboot’ after going bankrupt in early 2014. It’s now back in style with RIVE. It’s describing the game as a “metal wrecking, robot hacking shooter”, but the basic concept seems to be a 2D 360º shooter platformer old school values, but souped up with a futuristic, robotic style. It looks a little bit Stargate, a little bit Metroid, and a teeny bit Portal. With a side order of explosions, because, hey, who doesn't like explosions? A neat hacking mechanic has you tapping into enemies or objects you encounter to hijack use of their power ups, such as an increased shield, advanced firepower or the temporary ability to fly. Looks pretty solid for a game made by a three-man team, so here’s hoping Two Tribes can keep on in this vein.

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