So, what do you get when you cross prepubescent clowns, German storytelling and World War II? No, it’s not ‘a collection of things that get Nigel Farage all in a tizzy’: it’s this Narnia-like tale of adventure where Noah and his little sister, Renie, are attempting to escape the perils of war in the Wonderland world of Silence. Since the first game, where Noah explored Silentia as Sadwick the Clown, a false queen has usurped the throne, and it’s your job yes, you, young clown pretender to fix it. The first game was a point and click featuring gorgeous if slightly unsettling art, and
the sequel looks set to follow in those clown shoe sized footsteps. We’re more keen for pretty looking indie things than Fearne Cotton, so count us in.

The Whispered World II