Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare,TIPS & GUIDE

Sledgehammer Games has done what Infinity Ward couldn’t. It has successfully brought Call Of Duty into the next-generation, and it’s done it with some serious style. Just as it does every November, COD fever is sweeping the Xbox Live servers as players leap into Advanced Warfare for the very first time. If you’rea seasoned player don’t come in expecting to simply grab your favourite rifle and immediately find yourself smashing the leaderboards.

Advanced Warfare has introduced jetpack-assisted double jumps, dashes and slides.There are brand new energy-powered weapons and perks. It’s letting soldiers get around maps with an unprecedented level of speed and manoeuvrability. You can no longer be content with just watching your corners and hoping for a lucky no-scope, instead, death can and will come from any and every angle. For the first time since Modern Warfare was released in 2007, there are a couple of essential new mechanics to get your head around if you want to find success in the new era of Call Of Duty.

After dropping more hours into the multiplayer than we’d feel comfortable divulging, we've assembled the top tips we think you’ll need to get off to a victorious start when you do finally enlist in Advanced Warfare and start gunning for your first Prestige.

The most advanced mechanic to arrive in Call Of Duty since drop shotting and quickscoping became so prevalent is the boost jump. Hitting A once will do a standard jump, though hitting it again in quick succession will let you boost higher into the air essentially letting you double jump. It’s worth noting that while there is no restriction on boost jumping and you can do it whenever you want to reach higher ground, it will unfortunately reveal your location on the map every time you do so.

One of the harder elements to master of Advanced Warfare’s movement mechanics is the boost dodge. This can be activated by jumping, clicking sprint [LS] and a direction in quick succession. This will let you quickly navigate across the environment and dodge enemy fire, though it is limited. While in the air, you can dodge in any direction, though it does have a recharge period. While the boost dodge manoeuvre can be done with a standard jump, it can also be chain-comboed with the double.

Until you reach level 32 and unlock the Tier 2 Perk Gung Ho, there isn't a great lot of use for the boost slide. Not only does it use one of your precious dodge recharges, but it also pings your position to nearby enemies. In Ghosts, sprint sliding into cover was a useful mechanic to survive, here where most of the action takes place above you it’s less helpful.  Still, it can be activated by sprinting [LS] and holding crouch [B]. Once you've unlocked and equipped Gung Ho you'll be able to finally shoot while sliding.

As part of the Pick 13 system, you’ll be able to select and equip (or not, it’s up to you) an Exo Ability. These are activated and deactivated with a tab of LB and are governed by an energy gauge once that runs empty, you’ll either need to wait until it recharges or until you die and respawn to use the Ability again. Make sure you set relevant classes for game modes; Cloak is great in Domination for example, but you might find the health boosting Exo Stim a better choice for those intense gunfire exchanges in TDM.

If you want to climb the ranks to Prestige before 2015, you’ll need to get comfortable with as many different loadouts as possible to keep raking in those XP points.

Once you’ve selected a gun, attachments and perks, press the Menu button and you’ll be instantly warped into a firing range. Try new configurations out before taking them into the field.

After the post-game carnage, it’s always worth dropping back into your loadouts and experimenting with the Pick-13 system during the intermission. You can always build a better soldier in Call Of Duty.

Heavy weapons are a new addition to Advanced Warfare, but they seem to be struggling to fit into the regular flow of games. The EM1 laser in particular was almost universally adopted by players at launch before being dropped for old comforts. But these weapons do have a place in the game, and, if you can get your head around them, they can be insanely useful for suppressing advancing enemy packs which will get you  plenty of assists. It’s also great as a hip fire weapon at short to medium range.

Everybody has a favourite gun, but Advanced Warfare seems to have set itself up to be an assault rifle-dominated game. Weapon sway has been basically abolished for the assault rifles, meaning you can aim, pre-aim and ADS for longer without having to tempt the right-stick back into position. In fact, because of the crazy high weapon sway on sniper rifles, an assault rifle with a hybrid or ACOG scope attached is going to do the job in most long-range scenarios too especially once you get that MK14 unlocked.

Uplink is a brand-new game mode introduced in Advanced Warfare, and it’s fantastic fun. Think of it like futuristic basketball, only you need to slam dunk a round satellite and a few enemies to find mighty victory.

Uplink is a fast-paced and insanely fun mode that you should all try. Simply put, there are two teams, two goals and one ball. The rest will come naturally. Throwing the ball through the goal will net you one point, while dunking will land you two.

If you plan on being the drone runner, be sure to edit your loadout appropriately. It’s vitally important that you be as speedy as possible, so make sure you take an SMG, the Lightweight, Fast Hands and Gung Ho perks.

When you’re holding the ball, you can chuck it to team mates with the RT, or you can try hitting enemies with it. This will lower their weapon as they go to auto-catch it, giving you the perfect opportunity to gun them down and reclaim it.

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