Final Fantasy XV: Fraternity For Eternity

“I learned the word ‘bromance’ today.” This is the one part of the interview with Final Fantasy XV’s director we didn't need a translator for. Partly because ‘bromance’ is quite a distinctive word, and partly because hajime Tabata looks quite so proud of using it. “i thought that was a really great word; i love what it expresses.”

In a way, it’s one he’s been looking for since he took over Square enix’s troubled project. With changes in direction, staff, platform and even name since its announcement eight years ago, Tabata now seems settled on a core idea. “up until now i’ve always been calling it the ‘buddy dynamic’, a trip with close friends and that communal feeling that’s what i wanted to show through the game.”

That’s clearly mainly down to the game’s central four characters, who swapped Chocobos for a Corvette, guffawing as they head off to slaughter monsters. But there are hints of that friendship philosophy in the gameplay, too. a lot’s been made of the game’s switch to an action-combat system,
but Tabata tells us that it still revolves around playing as a party Ai members will keep track of your line of sight, watching your back for threats.

We’ll learn more throughout the year, we’re sure, but for now we're pleased enough that Tabata’s bringing new words and experiences into the fold.

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