Project Cars: Moving into pole position

Project Cars has 2015 absolutely sewn up. Slightly Mad Studios was wise to push its upcoming simulation racer into 2015, away from the phenomenal Forza Horizon 2, not to mention the likes of The Crew and Grid Autosport. Early prediction: it’s going to be racing towards pole position with no contest.

Every opportunity we’ve had to get hands on with Project Cars has been a showcase of absolute automobile appreciation. It’s bordering on photorealism, with every vehicle be it car, kart or F1 behemoth sounding, looking and responding exactly as you’d imagine. The big test of course, will be how the frame-rate holds up. While Slightly Mad is aiming for 60fps, the Xbox One version reportedly isn't quite there yet. We aren't usually ones to start stomping our feat in the 30 versus 60 debate, but considering how the studio is aiming for realism above all else in every aspect of Project Cars and we think you’ll be in agreement with us here it needs to run as smoothly and speedily as possible. Project Cars is launching in March, and it’s looking to be the racer simulation junkies have been waiting for.

Forza Motorsport 5 was great and all, but Project Cars has the incredible physics engine, dynamic lighting and weather systems that Turn 10 would probably have killed for. If it all comes together in these essential last few months of polish and tweaking, then Project Cars could set a new benchmark for other rival sim racers  to  strive to be.

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