Rise Of The Tomb Raider

Although business cards list her profession as ‘tomb raider’, lara croft didn't loot that many sepulchres during her most recent reboot. the game’s optional tombs were more like tiny puzzle boxes, which would unfurl to reveal another dusty relic or the handle of a shotgun. for Rise of the Tomb Raider the timed xbox-exclusive sequel proper tombs will make a return, in a style in keeping with the rest of the game. that doesn’t mean they’ll be as labyrinthine as in the original titles, but with any luck they'll now be something tutankhamun would be happy to be caught dead in.

Given the events of the last game boat crash, friends dead, torture, no mobile reception you might be wondering why lara seems so keen on going spelunking for jewellery once more. the e3 trailer began with ms croft in therapy, although she didn't seem as troubled by her evolution into a hardened killer as you might think.

Once you’ve slaughtered an entire island, you probably get a hankering to kill some more and true to that, for her latest adventure she’ll be returning to her globetrotting ways. multiple locations have been promised this time, an approach that worked well in the pretty wonderful Underworld.

But that, of course, was a different timeline. in this one, lara’s only getting started, and crystal dynamics has an entire planet to draw on once more. so, where next? south america, the himalayas… Venice again? wherever it is, we have our bags packed and our passports at the ready.

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