Upcoming Games

The Witcher 3:Wild Hunt - PS4,XONE, PC - Out 24 February
Remember the good old days of videogames, when you didn’t have to pay through the nose for alternate skins or weapons? Developer CD Projekt red does, and that’s why it’s offering 16 DLC packs for free upon purchasing the full game. The first two will be available to download from 25 February: the Temerian armour Set, and the Beard and Hairstyle Set. One is slightly more fabulous than the other, and additional quests will be on their way later. all you need to do is pick up the game on any console and wait. Easy.
Evolve - PS4, XBOX ONE, PC - Out 10 February
While we patiently await the release of this co-op monster smasher, Turtle rock Studios has announced a new playable trapper: abe. While the other members of his class favour a head-on approach, abe adds a new dynamic to gameplay by encouraging players to experiment with his special stasis grenades, which slow down monsters so your mates can bash ’em in. Lovely. He also has a rapid-fire shotgun for quick rescues. With three more hunters and one monster yet to be announced, Evolve should have enough variety to keep everyone happy.
World Of Speed - PC - Out Spring
Having recently been let loose around the streets of Moscow, we’re now in a better position to comment on how well this free-to-play racer is set to deliver on its promises. The team-based setup is an interesting concept, but one that needs work to meet the standards of a fiercely competitive genre. Working together to rake up points by drifting, slipstreaming, overtaking and crashing into opponents is all well and good, but it’s difficult to see where the long-term appeal is going to come from. What’s here works well enough, but there’s no evidence of MMO-type depth.
Flame Over - PS4, PS Vita - Out Spring
It was during a fire safety seminar that Laughing Jackal producer al Evans came up with the idea for this Spelunky-esque firefighting roguelike (or ‘pyroguelike’, as he calls it). Something about the science of fire and how it moves across rooms struck a chord, and bang: handlebar moustache-touting hero Blaze Carruthers was born. Playing from an isometric perspective, you’re tasked with saving civilians and putting out the orange stuff. The combustion you face off against feels like a huge, procedurally generated level-filling boss fight. Which is a good thing.

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