Blitzkrieg 3: Replay history from three different fronts

It can be argued that the World War 2 setting of video games have been done to death, but one thing that will remain constant is that developers will produce a title around one of the most import conflicts in history almost every year.

Developer Nival’s efforts are no different, but at least the company has two previous titles under their belt covering the same topic. Their latest offering, the MMORTS Blitzkrieg 3, is the third game in the somewhat popular Blitzkrieg series, and to give gamers a better idea of what it’s like, it’s very similar to the Company of Heroes titles.

The game will feature three different single player campaigns: ‘The Allies, 1943-1945: Rome’ campaign, ‘The Axis, 1940: Paris’, and ‘USSR, 1945: Berlin’. Seeing as the developer is from Russian, it only seems logical that they include a Russian part as well.

Since the title will only be released later in the year, information about it is somewhat scarce at this point, but it will feature authentic weapons and vehicles, such as two versions of the Sherman tank, and the Pershing tank.

As mentioned, the single-player campaign will be the main driver of the title, but there will be a free-to-play multiplayer aspect where subscriptions are optional. The problem with free-to play multiplayer is usually that gamers find themselves paying to win, which irks many gamers. But Blitzkrieg 3 just might be different.

From the assets that we have seen, the graphics looks pretty good and it might just be worth checking out the previous two games were surprisingly entertaining.

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