Dead Island 2: Blood, guts and serious good times

After getting hands-on with Dead Island 2, it’s clear that even at this early stage Yager has solved the series’ biggest problem. No, not its rampant bug infection (this was early alpha code after all), but it’s made Dead Island fun. Think back to echland’s attempts they were justa bit flat. The melee combat was gory but never carried any real weight, the gunplay was atrocious and the world was silly steeped in serious faces. It didn’t work, not as it should have.

And then you take a look at Dead Island 2, a game that’s steeped in seriously vivid colours and an unhealthy amount of bloody violence. It’s awesome. Yager has brought along its experience in the FPS genre to the project Spec Ops: The Line , anyone? and the result is handling weapons no longer feels like a chore. It’s fun, because it’s fun to shoot, stab, beat and pummel zombies. And it’s even better doing it with your friends.

Dead Island 2 is abandoning its predecessor’s four-player co-op experience in favour of something a little more advantageous. Eight players will nowroam a server, completing quests and generally putting an end to the apocalypse one smashed zombie brain at a time. So, should you care to interact with other wasteland opportunists in the state of California, then it’s up to you to search them out, try to team up, and hope you don’t end up on the wrong end of an electrified chainsaw.

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