Far Cry 4 Online

Far Cry 4 is really a tale of four quarters. there’s the boisterous, familiar-but wonderful single-player, a co-op option that squashes progression in the campaign for out-right fun, the asymmetrical competitive multiplayer, and a map editor.

Let’s point out the obvious: Far Cry 4 is never going to compete with Call of Duty or Battlefield for multiplayer eyeballs, and its competitive multiplayer options are skinny at very best.

We’re looking at three modes, ten maps, and two of those modes have about as much going on in them as a friday night in high wycombe. the lobbies during my test period were dead, and even the games of Propaganda defend or capture three points on a map that my team were obliterated in barely scraped together the minimum number of players to start a match. i’d love to tell you about the other two modes, outpost and Demon mask, but there was no one playing them. not one person. to my mind, these are potentially sound ideas, sunk by apathy. but it could be because people are spending their time creating bespoke maps in the editor.

If you’ve rinsed through the main story and are looking for a fresh challenge, or just want to blow off a little pent-up frustration by, say, detonating  a writhing tower of bears and red barrels, you need to tune in.

User generated content is where the real freaky stuff happens. there’s some pretty serious attempts at war crimes, such as a pit loaded with 50-something very angry men while the perimeter of their death-bowl is laced with all the weapons in the game and a mortar and a machine-gun. or, a Trials Fusion-esque race down a mountain on a quad bike where you’re zipping past enemies, and the best you can do is cling on and shoot as you ride the worrying camber on the dirt-track corners. 

Then there are truly excellent outpost missions and hunts, all waiting to be devoured. it’s the former that should make you the most excited the tools in the editor allow for really convincing scenarios, and it’s clear that there’s a lot of passionate and talented people making maps. Just watch out for the atrocities, okay?

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