Hand of Fate: Testing the card-hand of Fate.

The wooden structure stands alone at the end of the world; a man awaits within. A hood is draped over his head, a cloth hides half his face to reveal piercing eyes that stare deep into your soul. This is where the game of life and death is played will you test the hand of fate?

Another Kickstarter funded project to be released DRM-free for PC, Mac, and Linux, is Hand of Fate, a deck building action RPG. The team is made up of a combination of veterans from the video game industry, specifically Pandemic, THQ, Sega and Krome, as well as talented new staff.

Inspired by Tarot and fantasy, Hand of Fate looks to offer players the opportunity to build a set of cards and create their own deck. Dungeon floors are dealt based upon the deck and the cards come to life once the player enters battle. These cards become 3D assets for the player to utilize during combat to clear the dungeon floors and defeat the Jack, Queen and King of each suit.

A host of items, gear, armour, weapons, artefacts and other mysteries are collectable to ensure each play through is unique on this roguelike adventure. Unlike most Rogue titles focussing on randomness to increase difficulty, Hand of Fate will use unique deck building mechanics to offer players the ability to customize their own adventure.

With the Kickstarter pledges fully funded, the developers are looking to see Hand of Fate make its way to Steam. Steam’s Greenlight initiative lets voters select many upcoming titles from a variety of indie game developers, to be released into the Steam Marketplace as regular titles.

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