Project Cars: By the people, for the people…

There’s a lot of crowd-funding going on these days, and there are a number of extremely ambitious projects underway, thanks to the belief of, and financial support provided by, the world at large. One such project was launched by Slightly Mad Studios, the guys behind a number of racing games in the past.

Slightly Mad’s approach has always been a global one (including working with veteran South African developer Steven Viljoen) and so it is small wonder that they have gone this route. But beyond financing, their latest effort allows those so inclined to assist with the development. It even gives rise to the acronym used in the game’s name: Community Assisted Racing Simulator. Or, for those that haven't realised what we're talking about yet, Project C.A.R.S.

Project C.A.R.S. has been in development for some time now, and enjoys the support of a community already several million strong. And a deal reached in July of 2014 saw Namco Bandai step up as official distributor, enabling the development of the game to move onto numerous platforms. The development even has a former Stig, Ben Collins, working with the developers.

So what exactly does Project C.A.R.S. offer players? Well, it’s a racing simulation, but it isn't the kind that will have you tearing around urban tracks and outracing pursuing cops. Rather. Project C.A.R.S. is less about a story (revenge or otherwise) and is more about celebrating the art of driving. From Le Mans Prototypes, Supercars and GT models through to track day cars and even karts, Project C.A.R.S. will afford the player the opportunity to experience a wide array of motor vehicles from the world’s leading manufacturers.

In addition to a massive vehicle roster, Project C.A.R.S. will visit some of the world’s most exciting race tracks, too, including the likes of Le Mans, Laguna Seca, Donnington, Watkins Glen, Brands Hatch and Silverstone. All of these will come with dynamic weather and lighting effects… in fact, the player will even be able to relive historical events, complete with the weather and lighting conditions prevalent on the day that they took place. Want to relive to 2002 Le Mans endurance race? Project C.A.R.S. will recreate all the conditions for you perfectly.

There will, naturally, be a career mode available, but it will be free of many of the restrictions that other racing games impose on you. Slightly Mad are trying to create a realistic simulation that is still accessible to a wide audience in Project C.A.R.S., so that anyone who loves driving and powerful vehicles can celebrate them.

If you love cars and the idea of experiencing realistically recreated virtual versions of them, then Project C.A.R.S. should definitely be on your radar. The massive amount of fan input that has already gone into the game, as well as Slightly Mad’s experience and experts that have been brought on board, should all add up to a game that is unique in many ways.

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