Rise Of The Tomb Raider: The beginning of a legend

Could things possibly get any worse for Lara Croft? She’s been dragged through the dirt, nibbled on by cannibals and has been attacked by just about every carnivorous creature known to man. But the intrepid explorer is about to set off into the wilderness once more and face even greater dangers as Rise Of The Tomb Raider picks up straight after the events of the successful reboot from a couple of years back. What does that mean for Lara? Well, firstly, the whole ordeal has put her in therapy. After all that ruin-crawling and trying not to get eating by the pirate island’s locals last time around, Lara is now dealing with some serious mental issues. Yay, videogames!

We’re not quite sure how this’ll translate into the game. Maybe she’ll have nightmarish visions of her time on the island as she explores new locations (and actual tombs), fending off hallucinations alongside other hostile forces. Perhaps that’ll even mean she’ll be able to take on the notorious T-Rex. Either way, what we’re promised is a much larger canvas, with Lara utilising her survival skills and wits as she travels multiple locations that involve some of the most beautiful and dangerous environments on the planet. But what we’re really looking forward to seeing is the continuation of Lara’s growth as a young adult into the kick-ass heroine we met all those years ago. We’re promised that by journey’s end Lara will become the gaming icon that we all know and love.

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